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In August of 2013 Blaine Jeffery launched Flyboard Magazine and since then it has become the official magazine for the extreme sports Flyboarding and Hoverboarding. In 2014 the magazine was rebranded H2RO Magazine (pronounced HERO) and has grown to include all Hydroflight sports and MotoSurfing.

H2RO Wear was born from the same passion that fuels our magazine. In fact your H2RO Wear purchases go directly to supporting H2RO Magazine and allowing us to continue to create great, original content. We love our sports and take great pride in capturing the essence of our community with each design.

H2RO Wear is located in beautiful Victoria, BC, CANADA. We source great products and work with amazing artists to create statements that express what it means to be at the forefront of the hottest new sports in the world. 

We hope you will connect with us beyond our store and become part of our social and email communities. Share your passion for Flyboarding, Hoverboarding, Hydroflight and MotoSurfing with us and please provide any feedback regarding our products and magazine content. We also love to run fun contests and share promo codes so please take a moment to Like & Follow.

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This is me flying in Dubai. Even when you're just a recreational flyer it is an experience like no other. I love to wear my passion. Hope you do too!

Fly Safe, Fly Often!