Pro Flyboarders Wear H2RO

The reason H2RO Magazine has had success building up an audience of passionate Hydroflight enthusiasts is in large part due to the incredible support of the athletes and businesses who are at the forefront of this vertical water sport revolution. When H2RO launched our store and started to show off our first line of men's tees these same athletes were more than happy to show their support and start wearing them around the world. Pictured here are Caleb Gavic in his Triple Backflip tee, Callon Burns and Damone Rippy rocking their EMKiller tees and Jordan Wayment giving the thumbs up to his EMKombat tee.

H2RO Wear Pro Flyboarders

We were just sent this rad pic of Cooper Riggs (currently ranked 8th on our H2RO Hydroflight World Rankings) flying on the new Pro Series Flyboard in his EMKombat tee.

We are super stoked to see these top Hydroflight athletes wearing H2RO and helping a very young brand begin to grow. Like our sports we are young and will only get better over time. When you make a purchase you're not only getting a unique, high quality product but joining a movement of passionate hydroflight fans who are bold enough to wear their passion for all to see!

If you're curious to see how the Top 50 Pro Flyboarders currently rank check out our H2RO Hydroflight World Rankings

Thanks for reading and we hope today is the day you make your purchase and join our H2RO Wear community. 

Fly Safe, Fly Often,