H2RO WEAR launches with the 'ORIGINAL FIVE'

H2RO is proud to present to you our first five t-shirt designs inspired by Hydroflight sports such as Flyboarding. Flyboarding is a movement fueled by passionate visionaries bringing the world an experience like no other. The sport is a visual spectacle and our initial line of products highlight this while at the same time communicating a vibe and energy that exists within our community.

Each shirt makes a statement...


I fly to be free. I fly to defy limits. I fly to inspire. I am EMKiller.

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Elevate & Create

To express oneself while experiencing something most people only dream about. The world of Hydroflight Sports is my world.

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Bringing a new sport to the world takes strength in numbers. It takes family, friends, colleagues... it takes an army. 

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Triple Flip

An incredible moment from Flyboarding's short history worn to remind people that anything is possible.

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Our sport creates a relationship with water that is totally unique and most definitely beautiful. If you fly... we need not say another word.

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Don't forget to check out our H2RO accessories. We have iPhone and iPad cases, Laptop Skins and the raddest mugs in the world.

When you shop with H2RO you are not only sharing with the world your connection with our sports but you are also directly supporting H2RO Magazine and bringing Hydroflight Sports like Pro Flyboarding to more and more fans!

H2RO is pronounced HERO... thanks for checking out our store and please introduce us to your friends.

Blaine Jeffery
Founder, H2RO Magazine / H2RO Wear

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